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Dear students,

In an effort to promote a healthy competition on campus, sustainability,
and total success, not just outward but also inward success, I have
thought of offering a bar of soap with the life curve carved on it to
the student with the highest % score in my classes every quarter.

I want my students to know that their competition on campus in classes
or athletics should be an ethical and healthy one, and it is achieved
only with a balanced style of living. Studying should come first but
always accompanied by relaxation and enjoying different hobbies as well
as nature while in school.

To accomplish my goal, for example, I do not buy bar soaps; I make the
soap from olive oil and use only natural ingredients. By following such
hobbies myself (for more see: http://andtou.freehostia.com/index.htm)
I feel I become a happier person, and therefore able to help my
students in a more useful way.

For my latest class, “Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences CHEM
107B” this summer of 2008, the award goes to "Minh N. Nguyen".

Ming, please stop by office and I will carve the life curve on your soap.

My best wishes to all of you for anything good in your lives. :-)

Andreas Toupadakis
If you are interested to know the meaning of the life curve, please go to see the video at:




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