Why Do It At All?

Hi Professor!

Of all the three quarters of chemistry, it seems as though this one went by the fastest for me. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to take workload chem. with you first quarter and than follow that up with the chem. 2 series.

College is a definitely a different experience than high school, you don't have consistency with teachers, especially with the quarter system. You’re the only teacher that I had all year long, and I’ve taken in a lot of what you taught us—not just chemistry, but also the life lessons you bring up everyone once in a while in class.

I know some people don’t take it to heart, but I’m sure there are others like myself who do. Thanks for all the extra effort you put in for your students, not many teachers do the extra review sessions from 8pm to 10 pm at night.

You’ve helped me come to the realization that there is more to just coming to college and doing you’re work and getting out—if you don’t do it without a purpose behind it and if you don’t complete the work with your best effort...than why do it at all? I’ll definitely keep up with your personal website since I won’t be taking any classes with you in the near future.

Thanks for a great year of chemistry!

xxxxxx xxxxx