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"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" -- Socrates --

On The Benefits of Having A Garden

Professor Toupadakis,

It was good seeing you today in your office with all of your students crowded around your table. It is truly like watching an artist at work. I hope you enjoy the tomatoes that I grew. They are the fruits of your teaching. I resisted the idea of having my own garden for quite a long time. However, over the summer I decided to give it a try, mostly due to the strong recommendations you made repeatedly in Chem2B and your freshmen seminar. I will admit that I was a skeptical about a garden being able to stimulate one's mind.

At first it was just an extra chore in my life, having to water the seed everyday, but I would never in my life have guessed that such a strong bond could be forged between a human being and a plant. In the early stages of my tomato plant's growth, there were times where I would be too lazy to go outside to water it, thinking that it will be fine. Who would have guessed the pain in my heart when I saw that its small green leaves turn yellow due to my neglect? From that moment forward, I gave it nothing but all the care that I could give it. It was a very interesting and spiritual experience, even though it was just a small tomato plant. I eventually even named my tomato plant "Terry". Do you think its mere coincidence that I seemed to have found a motivation to be more academically successful after this? I do not think so. I am currently ahead of all the classes I am taking this quarter: Chem2C, Mat21C, Mgt11A and ENG6. I am diligently learning as my classes progress (I say learning instead of studying because I share a very similar ideology as you. I don't consider being able to solve for one parameter when given four of the parameters out of five as "learning"). I am using the same effort that I gave my tomato plant in my classes and so far it has done wonders for me.

My next gardening project will be a "Black Magic" rose. I saw it during the annual rose festival that is held in Wasco, California. It is quite a beauty.

Thank you for your time,