Dear Professor Toupadakis,

Let me start off by telling you who I am. I am a repeater student in your Chem. 2B class. To be more specific, this is my third time taking this class. It is by far the hardest class I have taken in this university and you would think that by the third time, I would have this material drilled into my head. I think my disadvantage is that most of these students are also taking Calculus and the lab, and I have no math base.
The only math class I need for my major is Statistics 13, so the math calculations are probably what is hard for me to get.

This is not the reason for this letter. What really motivated me to write this to you was what you said during review session. How you get hundreds of e-mails and how hard this is getting for you. So I wanted to write an e-mail for you that was somewhat refreshing (hopefully) and to give you recognition for what you are doing and how much I appreciate it.
This being my third time taking this class, I am able to compare professors from my other Chem. 2B class, and I must say that you are different than any professor I have ever had.

You asked who would feel miserable if they got lower than they expected on the midterm. I definitely would, this being my third time and just wanting to get done with this class, but needing at least a C ( I believe) to move on to Chem. 8a. I am not looking forward to a 4th time, if that is possible. So you can see my impatience to pass this class and move on. But I have to say, what you said, and still say to us about how it’s not about Chemistry, and how you give us hope (especially me) in the midst of all the stress. It is wonderful how you give us material and talks about how to better ourselves as individuals and how none of my other teachers would care enough to do that for us. Your teaching methods are also much different and more refreshing. It may sound weird but your jokes and examples make it more “homey” and relaxed than the other teachers who were more “focus on just science”.

I wish I could stay after class and go to office hours but I have class after from 7:10-9:00. There may be one day a week I may be able to make it. I didn’t do so hot on the midterm, and I just hope there is still a chance for me to pass with a C. So with all of that, I want to thank you for all that you are doing for us. I don’t know how many of the freshmen appreciate it since they have just gotten here and this is a first time for them. But I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything and that you are doing a great job and know that you are making a difference in someone's life.

Have a great week!