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Comments from Students on the Leadership Seminar Video

Hi Professor Toupadakis,

Thank you for the link to “It's Never Too Late to Find the Right Path”. I did not go to the seminar that day, but I found this clip very inspirational and relevant to my own experiences. In the beginning of the CHE 2A course, I did not do so well, probably because I kept thinking about acing the first midterm. However, after reading your encouraging email and the quotation by Meister Eckhart, I was very inspired to do my best in the second midterm. I realized that it is alright if I don't do well as long as I kept trying. This kind of thinking worked. I wasn't so focused on the grade but rather on putting all my effort to do what I already know and trying my best. At the end, I had a 24% increase in my second midterm.

Now that I watched this clip, I am further inspired to look at life in a different direction. So it's true, college isn't all about studying. By joining clubs and trying out different workshops, my life seems to have a better flow than just sitting at a desk and reading. Once again, thank you for the link. It brought hope and relief to me as well as a better understanding of how I should handle college, even when there are personal problems or other matters going on. :) Are you going to have another seminar or workshop next quarter? It would be great if the topic of success is expanded because of people's different situations. Other than that, great job professor!

See you on Monday.


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