Life Is Such a Beautiful Thing


I am doing great! After all the stress of finals, it feels wonderful to be home back with my family. I hope you are having a good time relaxing too. I decided against summer school this year, but I do return to Davis in early September. I may even take a trip to Sacramento sometime this summer. I would love to visit and see you garden.

I want to thank you also, Professor, for being such a wonderful mentor to me. You have a special talent for teaching, both inside and outside the classroom. I could sit and listen to you for hours. I watched your "Last Lecture" last night before going to bed. It is so beautiful. I overheard a few students in your class last week speak of how you should be an inspirational speaker. I must say you are an inspirational speaker. Every single day I remember what you have told me, and you know what? I think I could count on one hand the number of times I have felt upset these past two quarters.

I am so happy these days. I take my time getting to class and look at the trees and watch the people. Life is such a beautiful thing that most of the world pays no attention to. It is sad really. Up until a few days ago my father was one of them, like I told you. But on Tuesday, he was rushed into the emergency room for a 99% blockage of an artery feeding his heart. The doctors had said nothing was wrong with him, even though he had chest pains, but when they did an ultrasound, they found the artery, or what was left of it at least. He almost died. I can't tell you how hard this week has been. But through it all, I have been positive. My father has a new outlook on life now and has been spending more time with us. My parents tried keeping it from my little brother so not to scare him, but he soon asked what was wrong. When my father asked him why he thought so, he replied, "Because you hug me different."

So, although we are not out of the woods yet, he is doing a lot better. There may still be complications, which is why we are all being extra careful. Hopefully he will be fine.

Thanks again for all that you have done for me and have a great summer with your garden!

Your student,

Chemistry 2C, Spring 2007