My Grades Are Up, My Stress Down, and My Mood Is Good

Hello Dr. Toupadakis,

I am not sure if you remember me, I am the Daniel that came to your office hours every week this fall quarter for your Chemistry 2A class. I am writing to thank you for some of the wisdom that you shared. In one of the last meetings that we had you told the class that your CHEM 2C class was full of students who looked miserable with their course of study. I took it personally to never let myself get to that point, and consequently I feel that I have become a better rounded student.

I am now in CHEM 2C, along with several other science classes, and I can truthfully say that I am a happier then I have ever been with my life. My grades are up, my stress down, and my mood is good. I have not decided where in the science field I will go, but I am excited for what is to come. Thank you.

My family wanted me to be a lawyer, and I took political science classes for my first year here at UC Davis. I hated it. I took your chemistry class out of interest, and made up my mind that science was for me. I informed my parents that I am changing my course of study to something in the sciences. They were not pleased, but they were accepting. It was a great decision for me, and my fascination continues to grow.

I write this to you in hopes that you can use me as an example to your students that education should not be miserable, on the contrary it should bring happiness.

I would like to come in and say hello, but everytime I have tried you were not in your office. Would you mind if I stopped by? When is a good time?

Thank you for everything.

Daniel Gray