Freshman's Seminar Spring 2008

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" -- Socrates --

Feedback from students

Good afternoon Mr. Toupadakis!

I just wanted to reply to your e-mail that you sent a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed your class because you allowed us to interact with others.

Hearing other people my age talk about what they go through, what strategies they use to effectively study and get good grades, and advice they may have to give helped me this quarter. In fact, I had the highest GPA this quarter for the entire year! I would like to believe that the book “On Course” and this freshman seminar helped me achieve that! I was simply ecstatic that my grades are improving. In fact, I plan to read On Course all over again before my second year of college.

This also gives me this suggestion: You should teach this freshman seminar course every fall quarter! If I took this course at the beginning of my freshman year, I definitely would have been better off and more knowledgeable.

Other than that, you did great! Hope to keep in touch with you. And it is okay for you to put my name under my essay.

Have a great summer,

Allyson Sy

Hi Mr. Toupadakis,

Sorry for the late reply. I don't check my email anymore because school is out. XD

I liked how we get to connect with other students in small groups and listen to their responses on the topic. I got feedbacks and different point of views, which is a big eye opener.

By following the book, I changed my temper and also my outcomes in difficult situations. I became a "creator" instead of a "victim". Also, by doing those journals, I became more aware of myself since it's in ink.

My advice to the new students is that you have to be ready mentally to change and be open to really have an effect on you. If you take it lightly to just get a grade, you are just waste your time. Don't overestimate this class.

I hope that was good enough. :)

- Michelle