Counting the Stars


Since you are always sharing ideas with us, your students, about ways to make our selves happier, better people, I thought I would share something that I do that I believe helps me a lot, a lot.

Anytime that I am really angry/mad/upset/stressed about something (this is rare), I go outside at night to a quiet place where I am alone and count the stars, (sometimes I count them just through my window).

When I start to count them I am still thinking about my own worries, and eventually I will forget about what’s bothering me and will just count away...its nearly impossible to count the stars because at first glance, there’s only a few in the sky, but the harder you stare, the more you see the little ones that seem like there not really there after you blink...its a strange way to relieve stress, but some how counting the stars always outweighs my worries and makes everything better.

Thanks J