And Not Think About What Others Get

Dear Dr. Toupadakis,

I took Chemistry 2A and 2B with you the past year, and I think that I have been very lucky having you as an instructor. I was very close to an A in 2A and got a B in 2B which I am proud of. Thank you for being an inspiring teacher, and brightening up lectures and exam reviews. I never got a chance to speak with you during your office hours, but I have corresponded with you through e-mail before. I was going to e-mail you after the first midterm in 2B, because I was having a very bad day, the day of the exam review. I felt like I was not going to do well on the exam, and some inspirational words from you during the review really lifted my spirits. You said that if a B is the best I could do then I should be proud of it, and not think about what others get. Thanks for the words of wisdom, they really helped me.

I would also like to ask you a question, I was wondering if you were currently doing any research. That is because when you describe chemistry it is interesting, and I would like to see how it applies to research. I wanted to know if there is a possibility that I could assist in research whether it is your research or any of your colleagues' research. Thank you for your time, I hope you have a great summer!

Xxxxx Xxxxx
Chemistry 2B, Spring 2007