I Honestly Feel Free

Professor Toupadakis,

First of all, thank you for sending an email reminding us again the priorities in our lives, purposes with meaning. I actually visited your office a few times after finals to tell you in person how much I appreciate the thoughts you are willing to spread around to help others.

I realize that elders often create a barrier between themselves and the younger people, especially teachers because there is an expectation of "you are the professor, and I am the student and we will not be friends" type of attitude. However, you have proved otherwise.

I am very glad I chose you as my professor for both of the chemistry classes, not because you may have been a great teacher (devoting your energy in every step, trying to make it enjoyable and relatable), but for more important reasons: your frequent reminders about what our priorities should be in our lives. I have always had high expectations for myself and still do; however, I learned from you to analyze why I had those expectations of my self. I learned to ask myself, do I feel pressured to do this because of a certain someone or society in general?

And now that I feel more confident in answering such questions I honestly feel free and more powerful over my goals and more excited about them, because I know, it is who is making those decisions.

I often used to become angry when the results in my journey did
not necessarily turn out the way I wanted it to because that made me feel
like I was stepping backwards from my dream; but, I have been able to put
into practice really what I often believed in, but needed improvement in
putting the following idea into practice: Those who are not content with
what they have, will never be content with what they do not have.

I could go on and on about the discoveries I made about myself,
how others effected me and my opinions on society, but I do not want to
take any more of your time. I want to close off saying that the half year
that I have known you, you have thought me more valuable ideas that will
serve me all my life than certain people who may have known for a long

I look forward to my next 3 years in college with excitement; I
hope you will be available during those years and later for exchange of
ideas now and then. I hope you have a great summer. I will be in Davis
all summer, taking summer school, working and interning, so I will surely
visit you whenever I can.
Take care,

Chemistry 2B, Spring 2007