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From a CHEM 107A student
FALL 2005

Dr. Toupadakis is one of the best professors I have ever had. You know, I took this course because I had to for my master’s program. I was really scared to take it, because everyone told such horror stories about CHEM 107A and 107B. Dr. Toupadakis explains everything so clearly and thoroughly, that I actually ended up enjoying the course.
Now, for the real reason I enjoyed CHEM 107A. I will be teaching two college-level courses of my own this spring, and watching Dr. Toupadakis lecture showed to me how I would like to be as a professor.
Dr. Toupadakis really cares about his students; he not only teaches students the material, he attempts to instill in them honor, ethics, and integrity. I like that. Most professors shy away from that approach, which is too bad. When I teach my courses I will do my best to emulate some of the techniques Dr. Toupadakis uses. When you leave one of his classes, you leave feeling like you have matured, or grown on some personal level greater than just increased knowledge.
Thank you!
Feel free to use my name: Jessica Morton jmmorton@ucdavis.edu

From a CHEM 2B student
Jun 8, 2006

Professor, your concluding remarks in the last lecture were very touching. You are obviously very passionate about what you do, and I am glad I've had a professor like you. I hope you teach Chemistry 2C (preferably the 8AM one).
What you tell your students about doing what makes them truly happy isn't anything new, but I've never heard it delivered so wholesomely and honestly. College and life is an adventure, I understand it's often difficult and discouraging. My parents tell me the exact same things you tell all your students; if I dedicate myself and put forward hard work, it will pay off. And having you as a professor made me realize how true that really is. Thank you for everything you have taught me.

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