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 The Circle of Life and the Vanishing of Sadness

The little children loved this little cat more than the rest of the family cats. They named it ‘Agathouli’ which means ‘Little Gentle One.’ This kitten was always friendly and it was the only one that always allowed you to pet it. But this afternoon the children were in sorrow. A car had hit ‘Agathouli’ and his little body still lay on the side of the road on a patch of green grass, his friendliness to be remembered forever. How would this sadness be washed away and these tears stopped?

“Come my little children, come close to me, and I will show you the road to the land which is free from sadness, the land which is full of joy,” said Papa. “Pay attention now to what I will tell you because it is the true nature of things.

From far away, a fly that is hungry is glad to sit on the little body and have a good meal. When it finally takes off and is ready to enter your room and sit on your nose and make you feel a little uneasy, a pretty bird with his mouth open is passing by our balcony, and the fly suddenly finds itself in the bird’s mouth. Then the bird makes a circle over the top of the house and finally comes and sits in front of the window. It has such beautiful colors that you can hardly hold your excitement and you rush to tell your mother to come and see it. It is singing so nicely. Suddenly it takes off and it flies away. There on the top of a pine tree near the neighborhood a little nest is resting with two tiny birds waiting to get some food from their mother’s mouth. When the mother bird had left them last time, there were three little birds, but while she was gone looking for food a strong thunderstorm had passed through and one of the three little birds was thrown down from the nest. A white pregnant cat was walking by and it heard the little cry. After awhile, she ate it since she was hungry.

Then the rain comes for awhile and washes everything out. Is ‘Agathouli’ really gone? The water brings some of the body’s material far away down the road and deposits it near the root of a wild flower, which has not opened yet. The flower feels the rainwater and starts to take it up together with the nutrients in it with its roots. In a few days it just happens that you pass that part of the road and the color of that flower is so intense that you marvel at its beauty. You in fact lean over and smell it. It has a wonderful smell. No man has watered it; no man has taken care of it.

The next day a bee passes by and it sits on the flower and drinks from its sweet nectar. The bee flies away and goes to the farm where a man is collecting honey from bees. The next month he goes and he sells it to the store. After you buy it and bring it home, you sit on a chair outside on the balcony and you stick your finger in the honey jar and then in your mouth. While you are saying, “MMMMMMM!!!!” the white mother cat in your neighborhood is giving birth to four beautiful little kittens.

And Papa said to his children, “See, your sadness has gone away because you have seen the things of this world as they are, in their true nature. This story I give you, my children, with love, so no sorrow will find its home in your hearts tomorrow. In silence you can see, and in silence you can hear.

© Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.


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