An Early Lesson

I am a Biological Sciences Major and a 2nd year. However, during my freshman year, I felt like I finally received freedom because my parents weren't around, and they are strict with a lot of aspects. Even though, I did very well my first quarter, but it only went downhill from there. I ended up getting B's so I thought, "Wow, I got B's for my first quarter in college. This isn't going to be too hard." And with that thought, I started dropping my attendance to class winter and spring quarter, and as a result, my grades started dropping as well. At the end of the year, I was below a 2.0 GPA and was behind in units.

When I went home that summer, it really dawned on me that I have a major opportunity attending UCDavis. So over the summer, I suddenly got this urge to start doing better in school because these next few years will determine the rest of my life. Fast forward to fall quarter this year. 5 days before my first midterms fall quarter, I found out that I was dismissed from school. At that moment, I felt like my life in the fast lane came to a crashing stop. This happened after I realized that I needed to do better in school.

So instead of going home, I talked to my parents and counselor and was able to take the courses that I was dropped from through the University Extension Program. Two days after being dismissed, I got my courses back, and then I had to jump into midterms three days later. That was a hectic week. So I took those courses during fall quarter and at the end I received an A, B, and C. After talking to the counselor, he decided that I had fulfilled my requirements for readmission, and allowed me to come back to UCDavis.

That experience was also one of the life changing ones because I feel like I have matured as a student, and as an individual. Now school won't be a problem because I have realized this opportunity that I have, and I want to be able to utilize it.